dimanche 26 février 2012

Third painting

I also wanted to share my third painting.  The goal was to play with textures.  This canvas is 30 x 36 inches and it was really intimidating at first.  I was a little anxious, so I hurried up and slammed some texture on it FAST.  Finally, the white space stopped scaring me.
I am not quite sure it is really finished yet and I welcome suggestions to make it more interesting.

Here goes:

full size

more detail
It's been a while.  I am posting my two journal pages for Crusade No. 60 by Michelle Ward even though I am not please with either one.
But hey! we are in it for the process right?  not the end product.  My goal is simply to come out and play, and share with this fabulous community of artists.

So, very humbly, here they are:

dimanche 5 février 2012

Crusade no. 60

I just can't wait to get started on Michelle Ward's new crusade (http://michelleward.typepad.com/how_cool_is_that/). 
It's all about things we love.  She supplies cool labels and ''declaration'' blocks.  I will definitely start on that today.  Here's a few photos I will use.